ATMOS - UniPix Pipette Calibrator

Air-displacement pipettes need to be checked at regular intervals in order to comply with the ISO 8655 accuracy standard. The calibration requires very careful weighting with a laboratory scale. ATMOS revolutionizes the pipette calibration procedure with its compact instrument (patented) that replaces the laboratory scale by measuring, in dry conditions, the exact volume of air displaced by the movement of the pipette's piston. This allows quick check of volume accuracy at the lab bench and simplifies the full calibration.

  • Compact size, ultra accurate (ISO 8655) volume calibrator for laboratory pipettes
  • Direct measurement of air displacement (no need of liquid)
  • Easy to use, compact (can be placed at the bench)
  • Pipette accuracy checking done in less than 30 seconds
  • Complete pipette ISO calibration protocol done in less than 3 minutes
  • Delivers a calibration report to a computer
  • Patent pending


Click below to access the Quick Guide and  a demo video :

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