TRIO - UniPix Electronic Pipette

TRIO  is a single channel multi-range electronic pipette that will optimize your work with advanced functions such as multi dispensing, dilution and mixing (patent pending)

For your routine lab work, the new TRIO pipette allows you to easily load your favorite protocols from the control tablet. Intuitive, user friendly navigation enables users to easily access modes and start pipetting.
The pipette application installed on the tablet allows programming, control and calibration. All actions are registered and can be used for quality insurance purpose.

One single TRIO can fit three different standard tip sizes : 20μl, 200μl and 1000μl tips (P20, P200 and P1000 standards), therefore enabling most of common liquid handling with only one pipette. This saves space in the lab and investment money. The accuracy of the pipette is guaranteed for each range, independently.

The product will be available soon. Please contact us for more information.